Biotechnology for a longer life

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics, in collaboration with the Centre for Collaborative Health at Aarhus University, organised a workshop on "Biotechnology for a longer life" in Les mer »


Conference: Biotechnology for a longer life

We want to live as long as possible, but at the same time many people fear growing old. Growing old means an increased risk of degenerative diseases, and of becoming Les mer »


Report: Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy, A Global Perspective

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Hard Choices in Nordic Health Care – Expensive treatments and priority settings

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Updated version of Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries

                          Les mer »


Ethical Dilemmas of Consuming Animals

2-day seminar in Helsinki, 27-28 August, 2015 Les mer »


Session on Sensitive Data at #NeIC2015

The Nordic committee on Bioethics hosted a session at the Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference 2015 - NeIC2015. Les mer »

ncbio bile

Whole-genome sequencing and the implications for health care – Do we have a right not to know?

Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland, 16–18 October 2014 Les mer »

NCBio bilde

Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries – an overview 2014

  The Nordic Committee on Bioethics issues selected pieces of biomedical legislation in the Nordic countries. Les mer »


Session on Neurological Enhancement, Helsinki 10 June

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  • Om kommittén

    Nordisk kommitté för bioetik grundades i 1989 för att befrämja nordiskt samarbete och informationsutbyte inom bioetik mellan forskare, parlamentariker, opinionsbildare och tjänstemän.
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