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Hard Choices in Nordic Health Care – Expensive treatments and priority settings

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Updated version of Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries

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Ethical Dilemmas of Consuming Animals

2-day seminar in Helsinki, 27-28 August, 2015 Les mer »


Session on Sensitive Data at #NeIC2015

The Nordic committee on Bioethics hosted a session at the Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference 2015 - NeIC2015. Les mer »

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Whole-genome sequencing and the implications for health care – Do we have a right not to know?

Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland, 16–18 October 2014 Les mer »

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Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries – an overview 2014

  The Nordic Committee on Bioethics issues selected pieces of biomedical legislation in the Nordic countries. Les mer »


Session on Neurological Enhancement, Helsinki 10 June

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Synthetic Biology; Bioethics and Biosafety

Conference in Tromsø 28 August 2014. Les mer »


Children’s Participation and Decision-Making in Medical Matters – rapport

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Hunting and Protecting of Marine Mammals – rapport

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  • Om kommittén

    Nordisk kommitté för bioetik grundades i 1989 för att befrämja nordiskt samarbete och informationsutbyte inom bioetik mellan forskare, parlamentariker, opinionsbildare och tjänstemän.
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