Webinar series:
The Ethics of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Nordic Perspectives - Part 1, 16 October 2020

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics  welcomes you to join our webinar series that discusses ethical issues in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on our societies. 

Can Crisis Leadership Be Ethics Communication?
By Professor Matti Häyry, Aalto University, Finland
Friday 16 October 2020 at 2-3 pm (CET)

Registration opens soon!

2 pm Opening of the Seminar Series
by Professor, Chair of the NCBio Sigurður Kristinsson (University of Akureyri)

2.05 pm Keynote: “Can Crisis Leadership Be Ethics Communication?” by Professor Matti Häyry, Aalto University

2.30 pm Commentary on the Keynote by Professor Eyja Margrét Brynjarsdóttir, University of Iceland

2.40 pm Commentary on the Keynote by Senior Lecturer, a Member of the NCBio Madeleine Hayenhjelm, Umeå University

2.50 pm General Discussion (Q&A)

3 pm End of webinar 
The webinar is chaired by Docent, and Member of the NCBio Marko Ahteensuu, University of Helsinki