Previous events


Ethics of health care and research in small-scale communities, Tórshavn, 12 September 2019

A Kodak moment? The effects of consumer genetics on medicine and society, August 9th 2019

A seminar session during the 33rd European conference on philosophy of medicine and health care: PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS AT THE EDGE OF MEDICINE, Oslo 7.–10. August 2019

Bioethics of clinical innovation and unproven methods, Copenhagen, 9 April 2019


Bioethical perspectives on new developments in non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD):
Session at the World medical association conference on medical ethics
Reykjavik, 3 October 2018

Lifestyle diseases: Responsibility and Ethics - Helsinki, 11 - 12 June 2018 
Report from the conference


Session at the Nordic Societal Security Programme Conference  - Copenhagen, 10 March 2017

Session at #NeIC2017: Bioethics of Databanks and Datasharing - Umeå, 29 May 2017

Facing Death: End of life decisions - Reykjavik, 15 September 2017

Hard Choices in Nordic Health Care 2.0 - Stockholm,  20 November 2017


Biotechnology for a longer life - Aalborg, 9 December 2016

Gene therapy and human germline editing: New opportunities, new challenges - Oslo, 2 June 2016


Session on Sensitive Data at #NeIC2015

Helsinki, 5 May, session at the Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference 2015

Ethical Dilemmas of Consuming Animals - Seminar in Helsinki 27-28 August

Hard Choices in Nordic Health Care – Expensive treatments and priority settings

Workshop in Stockholm, 16 November

Updated version of Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries

Report on biotechnological legislation in the Nordic countries


Session on Neurological Enhancement - Helsinki 10 June

Synthetic Biology; Bioethics and Biosafety - Conference in Tromsø 28 August

Whole-genome sequencing and the implications for health care – Do we have a right not to know? - Workshop in Reykjavik, 16-17 October

Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries – an overview 2014

Report on biotechnological legislation in the Nordic countries


Reproductive technology and surrogacy. A global perspective

A conference in Reykjavik August 25-27 was arranged, which also included a PhD session

The committee participated, with the title «The role of the press and the public in exposing scientific and medical fraud», in the World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki June 24-28.

Perspectives on Sexual Identity and Gender

A workshop on bioethical issues in relation to sexual identity and gender was arranged in Copenhagen April 18



Focus group meeting in Copenhagen October 22

Childrens’s Participation and Decision-Making in Medical Matters

Conference in Lund, October 11-12

Hunting and Protecting of Marine Mammals – a Clash of Cultures?

Conference in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, June 4-5


Ethical aspects on Mental Health

Conference in Helsinki October 31 – November 1

Nordic Biobanks – Opportunities and Obstacles

Conference in Uppsala in cooperation with The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University and BioBanking and Molecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden

A joint meeting with members from all bioethical committees in the Nordic countries took place in Copenhagen on 21 March.


Prenatal Diagnosis – Individuals and Society

Conference in Oslo 2-3 December in cooperation with Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board

Public Health – Ethical Issues

Conference in Reykjavik 30-31 August


Bioethics of Bioenergy

Conference in cooperation with The Finnish Parliament, Helsinki 17 November

Medical Tourism – Exploitation of vulnerable persons or a healthy supplement to the Nordic health care system?

Conference at Sigtuna, Sweden 11-12 May

Genetic Self Testing

Conference at Aarhus University, Denmark 14-15 January


Chimera Research – ethical and legal aspects

In cooperation with The Danish Council of Ethics and The Danish Ethical Council for Animals, Copenhagen 5 November.

Teaching Material in Bioethics

A workshop with the purpose to identify excellent teaching material

Bioethics of the Sea II

In cooperation with The cooperation in Fisheries and Aquaculture the committee organized a seminar in Stockholm on bioethical issues concerning Nordic fisheries


Dialogue on Dignity, Disability, Discrimination and Diagnostics

A meeting to discuss the challenges and possibilities that developments in biotechnology and changes in cultural values may create for the disabled in contemporary Nordic society.
A meeting for invited participants 19-20.10.2007 in Reykjavik.

Bioethics or biopolitics?

Is bioethics being replaced by biopolitics or vice versa?Seminar 11-12.6.2007, Hanaholmen, Esbo, Finland


Business and Bioethics

Seminar in Malmö 15-16.10.2006

Informed consent – in whose interest?

Minisymposium 13.6.2006, Sandhamn 


Nordic Biolaw – Focus on Assisted Reproduction

A seminar at Hanaholmen in Finland 7.11.2005

Bioethics of the Sea

Workshop in Bergen, Norway 1-3.9.2005

Towards Nordic Biopolitics?

A seminar on biotechnology and bioethics.

Arranged by the Nordic Council and the Nordic Committee on Bioethics
26.1.2005 in Copenhagen.


Bioprophecy – the future of ethics and biotechnology

Think tank for invited participants 25-26 November 2004 in Denmark. 

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Embryo Selection

International conference in Reykjavik 28-29.5.2004


Biomedical Research Ethics

A workshop for specialists in bio- and research ethics from the Nordic and Baltic countries in Finland 16-17.10.2003

Teaching Bioethics

A Nordic workshop on how to best teach bioethics.

2001   Teaching Bioethics
2000   The ethical issues in human stem cell research
1999   Who owns our genes?
1998   Bioethics committees in the Nordic countries
1997   Biobanks
1996   Transgenic animals and xenotransplantation
1995   Gene therapy
1994   Predictive genetic testing
1993   Genetically modified organisms
1992   Patenting life?
1991   Risk, biotechnology and ethics