A Kodak moment? The effects of consumer genetics on medicine and society
Oslo, 9 August, 2019
The seminar was a collaboration between The Nordic Committee on Bioethics and The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board and part of the the 33rd European conference on philosophy of medicine and health care: PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS AT THE EDGE OF MEDICINE.

You can watch any of the talks by clicking on the titles below - or watch the full playlist here:  

New offers of direct-to-consumer genetic testing and new ethical problems
Emilie Niemiec, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, Uppsala University, Sweden

DTC GT in a Small and Homogenous Population: The Future of Health Care or a Pandora Box of Insurmountable Societal Challenges?
Henry Alexander Henrysson, Dep. of philosophy, University of Iceland / The National Bioethics Committee.

 Ascertaining child’s ‘best interests’ through direct-to-consumer genetic testing: what could possibly be wrong with that?
Santa Slokenberga, medical law, University of Lund / Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics Uppsala, Sweden

The Danish Council on Ethics recommendations about Genome Testing with focus on Direct to consumer genetic testing.
Anne-Marie Axø Gerdes, Professor, Dep. of Clinical Genetics, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital and The University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Chair of The Danish Council of Ethics.


Madeleine Hayenhjelm (NCBIO) and Truls Petersen (NCBIO/The Norw. Biotechn. Adv. Board)