The Ethics of the COVID-19 Pandemic - Nordic Perspectives
Webinar series 2020-2021
The Nordic Committee of bioethics is hosting a series of webinars on bioethical aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Nordic countries. The aim is to identify ethical aspects of the pandemic, to look at policies and debates with a view on differences and similarities between the countries. By doing this as series of events we aim to follow the development from the outbreak of the pandemic and over time.

The series will visit each of the five Nordic countries. You can watch past webinars below, and read about the upcoming events here

Part 3: A bioethical approach to priority settings of vaccines. Case Norway
By Reidun Førde, MD and professor emerita in medical ethics at Center for medical ethics at the University of Oslo
Wednesday 3 February, 2021 1-2 pm (CET)
Watch the webinar below:Part 2: Ethical Choices in a Pandemic - A Swedish Perspective
By Professor Emeritus Göran Collste,  Linköping University, Sweden, member of Smer
Tuesday 24 November, 2020 1-2.15 pm (CET)
Watch the webinar below:Part 1:  Can Crisis Leadership Be Ethics Communication?
By Professor Matti Häyry, Aalto University, Finland
Friday 16 October 2020 at 2-3 pm (CET)
Watch the webinar below: