Bioethics of unproven methods in health care - Copenhagen - spring 2019

Unproven methods in healthcare, sometimes termed clinical innovation, can lead to improvements in treatment and even cure diseases. Medicine has advanced through the centuries, by trials and errors of physicians and researchers. The triumphs are celebrated, but failures can draw ire. 

However failures are necessary, because it is hard to know what will work and what not. The scientific method is the preferred approach to develop cures and treatments, but many of the medical practices in use now were not tested scientifically in the beginning. Healthcare professionals may try unproven methods as a last resort in attempt to safe a patients life. Unproven methods, for instance in treatment, surgery, technical assistance etc, occur at the intersect of research and health-care. This conference is centered around three questions.

1. How are unproven methods developed and introduced in the Nordic health-care systems?

2. What is the legal and regulatory environment concerning unproven methods in medicine?

3. What ethical principles should guide work on emerging treatments and experimentation in hospitals?

More information will follow!