Save the date: NCBio session at the World medical association conference on medical ethics

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics will host a session at the upcoming World medical association conference on medical ethics, in Reykjavik October 2-4 2018. The session will adress bioethical perspectives on new developments in non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD).

The session will take place October 3, 13:00-17:00.  

Prenatal diagnosis of unborn children offers the opportunity to identify and in the future treat disorders in utero. Fetuses can be examined by analyzing the blood of their mothers for biomarkers or informative DNA. NIPD is practiced in the Nordic countries, but the type and extent of its use varies by and within countries.

The session will focus on the bioethical principles at stake in NIPD, from the perspective of the parents, the unborn child, the health care system, and society. The session highlights decisions facing parents and health care professionals, in the context of ethical principles of autonomy, prevention of harm, and diversity. 

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