Report: A Kodak moment? The effects of consumer genetics on medicine and society Oslo, August 9 2019

On August 9, 2019, NCBio hosted a seminar session during the 33rd European conference on philosophy of medicine and health care: Philosophy and the ethics at the edge of medicine.
The seminar, A Kodak moment? The effects of consumer genetics on medicine and society, discussed the ethical issues regarding direct to consumer genetic tests, and approached the subject through the following questions: 
  • How does the use of DTC genetic tests affect our understanding of health and disease?
  • Big data, privacy, and consumers: how do we protect vulnerable parties?
  •  What ethical challenges are raised in the case of minors? How to navigate between responsible parenting and the childs right to an open future?
  • The boundaries between established medical norms and values such as curiosity and the right to know.
  • DTC tests as a useful supplement to health care systems or an additional strain on already scarce resources?
  • Is it possible and desirable to regulate or ban DTC genetic testing?

  • Four speakers had been invited to discuss these issues: 

    Emilie Niemiec from Uppsala University, Sweden discussed "New offers of direct-to-consumer genetic testing and new ethical problems"  Watch the video.

    Henry Alexander Henrysson from  University of Iceland discussed "DTC GT in a Small and Homogenous Population: The Future of Health Care or a Pandora Box of Insurmountable Societal Challenges?"  Watch the video.

    Santa Slokenberga from Lund University and Uppsala University, Sweden, discussed "Ascertaining child’s “best interests” through direct-to-consumer genetic testing: what could possibly be wrong with that?"  Watch the video.

    Anne-Marie Axø Gerdes, Chair The Danish Council of Ethics, discussed "The Danish Council on Ethics recommendations about Genome Testing with focus on Direct to consumer genetic testing". Watch the video

    You can read more about each talk here, and watch the full playlist below!