Bioethics of unproven methods

Upcoming NCBio conference: Bioethics of unproven methods in health-care in the Nordic countries, spring 2019, Copenhagen
The Nordic Committee on Bioethics looks forward to inviting you to a conference addressing the bioethics of unproven methods in health-care in the Nordic countries. The conference will take place in the spring of 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Unproven methods in healthcare, sometimes termed clinical innovation, can lead to improvements in treatment and even cure diseases. Medicine has advanced through the centuries, by trials and errors of physicians and researchers.

The conference will be centered around the following questions:

1. How are unproven methods developed and introduced in the Nordic health-care systems?
2. What is the legal and regulatory environment concerning unproven methods in medicine?
3. What ethical principles should guide the work on emerging treatments and experimentation in hospitals?

The conference is hosted by the Nordic committee on Bioethics, in collaboration with Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market at the University of Copenhagen.

Save the date! More information will follow!