About the Committee


The mission of the Nordic Committee on Bioethics is to foster co-operation between the Nordic countries by bringing together representatives from different backgrounds to discuss and analyse issues in bioethics in order to achieve greater awareness, promote common understanding, improve policy making and present internationally a Nordic perspective on bioethical Challenges.


  • To identify, analyze and discuss contemporary bioethical challenges
  • To create opportunities, promote collaboration and stimulate exchange between specialists, politicians, researches, opinion leaders, the public and interest groups in debating urgent bioethical challenges
  • To foster Nordic cooperation on questions that are relevant in current and future policy making
  • To inform policy makers and monitor legislation and policy of bioethical concerns related to technological development
  • To promote common understanding and improve awareness in issues which have a bioethical dimension
  • To give a Nordic perspective internationally

Members and organisation

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics is under the auspices of NordForsk since 1 January 2014. The Committee has two members from each Nordic country, as well as observers from The Faroe Islands and Åland Islands. Members and observers are appointed for three years at a time by the NordForsk Board after nominations from the Nordic research agencies. Members and observers can be appointed for a maximum of two consecutive periods. The Committee selects its chair amongst its members and the chairmanship rotates annually between the Nordic countries.

Members of the committee

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