About the Committee
The Nordic Committee on Bioethics was founded in 1989 to promote Nordic cooperation and exchange of information between scientists, parliamentarians, opinion leaders and public officials in the area of bioethics.

The theme of the work of NCBIO is bioethics, with special reference to issues in life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, governance, society, and practical philosophy. The committee also considers bioethics to include dilemmas that arise in health care.

The mission of the Nordic Committee on Bioethics is to foster co-operation between the Nordic countries by bringing together representatives from different backgrounds to discuss and analyse issues in bioethics in order to achieve greater awareness, promote common understanding, improve policy making and present internationally a Nordic perspective on bioethical Challenges.


  • To highlight contemporary bioethical challenges facing the Nordic countries
  • To be a platform for debating urgent bioethical challenges. The target groups include specialists, politicians, researchers, opinion leaders, the public and interest groups
  • To foster Nordic cooperation on bioethical challenges in current and future policy making
  • To survey changes in legislation and policy with potential of bioethical concerns
  • To give a Nordic perspective internationally


Members and organisation
The Nordic Committee on Bioethics is under the auspices of NordForsk since 1 January 2014. The Committee has two members from each Nordic country, as well as observers from The Faroe Islands and Åland Islands.

The Committee’s aim is to advance a multidisciplinary dialogue, thus its members represent, for instance, philosophy, medicine, sociology, biology, biotechnology, theology, and law.

Members of the committee

National ethical councils