Report from the conference on Life-style diseases in Helsinki, 11-12 June 2018

The NCBio-conference on Lifestyle diseases: Responsibility and Ethics took place in Helsinki 11 -12 June 2018.  Nearly 90 participants attended the conference.

The aim of the conference was to address the new emphasis on the individual’s responsibility and choices in view of collectivist health policies and solidary-based welfare systems. 

A full report from the conference can be found here.

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Updated version of Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries

The current report is an update of the reports on Legislation on biotechnologyin the Nordic countries published annually since 2014. Given the clear need for such overviews, the Nordic Committee on Bioethics decided to update the tables to reflect recent legal amendments. The aim of this report is to give the reader information on the current status in the different countries and a chance to compare the legal situation.
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Hard choices in Nordic Health Care

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics, in cooperation with the Swedish Society of Medicine, invited to a conference addressing Hard choices in Nordic Health Care. The conference took place 20 November, in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Biotechnology for a longer life

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics, in collaboration with the Centre for Collaborative Health at Aarhus University, organised a workshop on «Biotechnology for a longer life» in Aarhus, Denmark, 9 December 2016.

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Conference: Biotechnology for a longer life

We want to live as long as possible, but at the same time many people fear growing old. Growing old means an increased risk of degenerative diseases, and of becoming fragile and dependent on others. Moreover, elderly people often find themselves isolated and without a well-defined role in society.
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